Getting Started
There are several ways to use this metabase. First, you can just surf through the data. If you are inspired and have a background in a field related to human origins you can add your information to make the metabase stronger. It is already the largest database of paleoanthropology localities in the world, but it becomes even more robust with use. 
All data posted are public. They are accesible either by directly downloading the data from the site or you can just use the connection data (also public) to have your own website or data interface to connect to the metabase dynamically.
All professional anthropologists, geologists, and paleontologists are invited to collaborate. Interested people with backgrounds in human origins are also invited to take part. Please send an email requesting to be added to the contributor list to Prof. Henry Gilbert, California State University, East Bay.
Henry Gilbert
Users can rate locality data on a star-based system. Registered users can add localities or update locality data. Updating locality data does not erase the data posted by other users. Rather, is allow multiple users to add locality data and displays the data from the different users for comparison.
The data structure and connection information can be found under settings and administration. It is licensed so that anyone may freely use the data non-commercially as long as they attribute the Human Origins Locality Data Collective.