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Calvert, A., K. Flammer, A. Hayes, C. Ibarra, T. Lin, D. Lowen, M. Pevey,M. Thompson, S. Vivelo, B. Wheelis, & H. Gilbert. 2024. Species naming and current status of Homo kanamensis. Accessed from the Human Fossil Record Database at on July 14, 2024 .

 Homo kanamensis

 Homo sapiens

Homo kanamensis would be assigned to Homo sapiens using the alpha taxonomy

Original diagnosis:The Kanam mandible resembles those of modern humans except that it differs in ?the thickness of the symphysis, the conformation of the anterior internal surface, and what seems to be a large pulp-cavity of the first right molar tooth.? The Kanam mandible has a ?distinct swelling of the bone in the region of the roots of the canines.? In an intact area of the specimen, ?to the right of the symphysis...on the lingual aspect...far from there being any Simian aspect, a truly human conformation is present.? Also, ?the dental arch is closer to that of Homo sapiens than any other type.? But the dentition differs from what is usually seen in modern humans in that ?there is no neck to these teeth, but instead a slight tapering.? Kanjera No. 3 (one of the Kanam fossils) has ?no characteristics inconsistent with the reference to the type of Homo sapiens.? No frontal torus. Has a thicker cranial vault than any non-pathological modern example. Transverse occipital suture present. Cranial length reconstructed to be between 200 and 209 mm. A femur from the site has no characteristics ?inconsistent with its inclusion in the type of Homo sapiens.?

Date of Publication:  1935
Authors: Louis Leakey
Holotype: Kanam mandible
Citation: Leakey, L.S.B. 1935. The Stone Age Races of Kenya, London, 9-24
Sites that have fossils assigned to sapiens

Piltdown ~ 9.905E-5 Ma
Ordos ~ 0.000275 Ma
Wuyang Jiahu ~ 0.00605 Ma
Lukenya Hill GvJm-16; GvJm-22; GvJm-46 ~ 0.01775 Ma
Cro-Magnon ~ 0.0275 Ma
Mladec ~ 0.0285 Ma
Fontechevade ~ 0.033555 Ma
Grimaldi ~ 0.035 Ma
Mungo ~ 0.04 Ma
Peştera cu Oase or Pestera cu Oase ~ 0.04 Ma
Zhoukoudian Tianyuan ~ 0.0405 Ma
Laibin ~ 0.041 Ma
Baigara ~ 0.0432 Ma
Kanam ~ 0.05 Ma
Taramsan ~ 0.0505 Ma
Tam Pa Ling ~ 0.0545 Ma
Klasies River Mouth HP deposits ~ 0.0625 Ma
Huanglong Cave ~ 0.06625 Ma
Obi-Rakhmat Grotto ~ 0.07 Ma
Porc Epic ~ 0.07025 Ma
Blombos M2 level ~ 0.082 Ma
Qafzeh ~ 0.095 Ma
Adrar Bous ~ 0.1 Ma
Liujiang ~ 0.1035 Ma
Mulan Mountain ~ 0.1105 Ma
Border Cave ~ 0.1155 Ma
Skhul ~ 0.117 Ma
Haua Fteah ~ 0.12 Ma
Pinnacle Point ~ 0.142 Ma
Omo Kibish ~ 0.145 Ma
Singa ~ 0.1455 Ma
Middle Awash Herto Member ~ 0.157 Ma
Lake Eyasi ~ 0.244 Ma

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