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Calvert, A., K. Flammer, A. Hayes, C. Ibarra, T. Lin, D. Lowen, M. Pevey,M. Thompson, S. Vivelo, B. Wheelis, & H. Gilbert. 2024. Species naming and current status of Sinanthropus pekinensis. Accessed from the Human Fossil Record Database at on July 14, 2024 .

 Sinanthropus pekinensis

 Homo erectus

Sinanthropus pekinensis would be assigned to Homo erectus using the alpha taxonomy

Original diagnosis:

Date of Publication:  1927
Authors: Davidson Black, Otto Zdansky
Holotype: ZKD
Citation: Black and Zdansky, 1927. Paleont. sin. Ser D. &, 1-24.
Sites that have fossils assigned to erectus

Maba or Mapa ~ 0.133 Ma
Narmada ~ 0.1425 Ma
Jinniushan ~ 0.2185 Ma
Loyangalani (Kenya) ~ 0.3 Ma
Sidi Abderrahman ~ 0.39 Ma
Visogliano ~ 0.4 Ma
Ceprano ~ 0.4075 Ma
Longtandong cave ~ 0.41 Ma
Sale ~ 0.422 Ma
Lantian ~ 0.45 Ma
Zuttiyeh Cave ~ 0.453 Ma
Ain Maarouf ~ 0.455 Ma
Ternifine or Tighenif ~ 0.455 Ma
Huludong Cave ~ 0.485 Ma
Vertesszollos ~ 0.5 Ma
Kocabaş or Kokobash ~ 0.5 Ma
Olduvai Gorge Bed IV ~ 0.675 Ma
Zhoukoudian Locality 15 ~ 0.77 Ma
Yunxian County ~ 0.775 Ma
Melka Kontoure ~ 0.7905 Ma
Atapuerca Gran Dolina (TD 6 level) ~ 0.8185 Ma
Bapang Formation ~ 0.84 Ma
Olduvai Gorge Bed III ~ 0.975 Ma
Olorgesaille Member 1 ~ 0.983 Ma
Thomas Quarries ~ 0.989 Ma
Buia ~ 1 Ma
Middle Awash Daka Member ~ 1.019 Ma
Makuyuni Lower Manyara Beds ~ 1.125 Ma
Busidima North and Asbole ~ 1.15 Ma
Atapuerca Sima del Elefante ~ 1.15 Ma
Gongwangling ~ 1.1505 Ma
Perning or Mojokerto ~ 1.4 Ma
Olduvai Gorge Bed II ~ 1.46 Ma
West Turkana Nariokotome III Kaitio Member ~ 1.47 Ma
Koobi Fora Okote Member ~ 1.52 Ma
Konso Kayle Member ~ 1.565 Ma
Ileret (KBS Member) ~ 1.567 Ma
Dmanisi ~ 1.7 Ma
Koobi Fora KBS Member ~ 1.745 Ma

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