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Calvert, A., K. Flammer, A. Hayes, C. Ibarra, T. Lin, D. Lowen, M. Pevey,M. Thompson, S. Vivelo, B. Wheelis, & H. Gilbert. 2024. Species naming and current status of Australopithecus garhi. Accessed from the Human Fossil Record Database at on July 14, 2024 .

 Australopithecus garhi

Original diagnosis:"Distinguished from A. afarensis by its absolutely larger postcanine dentition and an upper third premolar morphology with reduced mesiobuccal enamel line projection and less occlusal asymmetry. A. garhi lacks the suite of derived dental, facial, and cranial features shared by A. aethiopicus, A. robustus, and A. boisei. A. garhi is distinguished from A. africanus by its primitive frontal, facial, palatal and subnasal morphology."

Date of Publication:  1999
Authors: Berhane Asfaw, Tim White, Owen Lovejoy, Bruce Latimer, Scott Simpson, Gen Suwa
Holotype: BOU-VP-12/130
Citation: Asfaw, B., T. White, et al. 1999. Australopithecus garhi: A New Species of Early Hominid from Ethiopia. Science 284(5414): 629.
Notes: "Found in silty clays within 2 meters of the top of the Maoleem vitric tuff, dating to 2.496 Ma via Ar/Ar (argon/argon). Vertebrate fossils, including hominids, were found in same stratigraphic horizon (631). Additional specimens (BOU-VP-11/1, BOU-VP-12/1A-G) were found associated with catfish remains and medium sized bovid fossils with cut marks. The latter specimens foot phalanx is similar in size, length and curvature to A. afarensis (630) HOWEVER, at the date of publication, the aforementioned postcranial specimens have not been assigned to the new species A. ghari." Some authors suggest lumping H. rudolfensis and H. habilis with Australopithecus as this would not only reinforce the current 'traditional conservative definition' of what qualifies as pre-erectus Homo, but also provide "major adaptive breakthroughs in anatomy and behaviors that characterize H. erectus with the earliest defined occurrence of Homo"
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