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Calvert, A., K. Flammer, A. Hayes, C. Ibarra, T. Lin, D. Lowen, M. Pevey,M. Thompson, S. Vivelo, B. Wheelis, & H. Gilbert. 2024. Species naming and current status of Pithecanthropus rudolfensis. Accessed from the Human Fossil Record Database at on July 14, 2024 .

 Pithecanthropus rudolfensis

 Homo erectus

Pithecanthropus rudolfensis would be assigned to Homo erectus using the alpha taxonomy

Original diagnosis:?The finding of a skull, at Koobi For a in 1972, designated KNM-ER 1470, attracted great attention. It was originally dated at 2,700,000 to 3,000,000 y.a. but now the dating has been changed to not less than 1,600,000 y.a., but may be more than 2,500,000 years old. The brain volume was determined at first at around 800 to 820 cubic centimeters, but later, after a second, more accurate measurement, at 700 to 775 cubic centimeters. The skull is much more gracile than those of Pithecanthropus solonsis and P. leakeyi, which is expressed in both the thickness of the bones and the slight development of frontal relief. It could be thought, form that, that it is the skull of a female specimen, but the exceptional length of its face, close to the maximum for ancient and early men, forces one to think it a male skull. In that case its differences form the skulls of other Pithecanthropos are obvious. It has therefore been suggested to include a sixth species in the genus called pithecanthropus rudolfensis, from the old name of Lake Turkana. The skull KNM-ER 1813, discovered at Koobi fora in 1973 should also apparently be included in this species; it occurred in geologically later strata dated not later than 1,200,000 y.a., but possibly belonging to an earlier time of 1,600,00 y.a. This time we are dealing with an indisputably female individual, with a skull of very small dimensions and a brain volume of not more than 500 cc. In its structural features, however, it is similar to KNM-ER 1470. Such dimensions resemble Central Africa form the earliest stages of the history of the hominid family, which stems from many causes (environmental influences, shifts in growth processes, appropriate selection). We await further discoveries.?

Date of Publication:  1986
Authors: V. P. Alexeev
Holotype: KNM-ER 1470
Citation: Alexeev, V.P. 1986. The Origin of the Human Race. Moscow: Progress Publishers.
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