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~17,750 years old          
Locality: Lukenya Hill GvJm-16; GvJm-22; GvJm-46, Machakos area ~ 30 km southeast of Nairobi., Kenya

(age between 0.0185 Ma and 0.017 Ma based on "C14 dating of collagen in bones of associated fauna. Al: c. 17,800 BP(5-UCLA-LJ) on basis of amino acid (aspartic acid) dating of hominid parietal. R.Protsch 1975: 315. R.M.Gramly and G.P.Rightmire 1973.M:Lukenya Hill 1. adult male?: frontale, lt parietale."Akazawa Takeru 2007 Catalog of Fossil Hominids)
~50,000 years old          
Locality: Kanam, Kavirondo Gulf, Lake Victorie, Kenya

(age between 0.1 Ma and 0 Ma based on )
~55,000 years old          
Locality: Loyangalani (Tanzania), east of Lake Victoria, Tanzania

(age between 0.1 Ma and 0.01 Ma based on unspecified)
~56,500 years old          
Locality: Liang Bua cave, Flores, Indonesia

(age between 0.095 Ma and 0.018 Ma based on Radiocarbon, infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL), TL, ESR U-series)
~67,500 years old          
Locality: Teshik-Tash, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

(age between 0.125 Ma and 0.01 Ma based on unspecified)
~67,500 years old          
Locality: Abu Hugar, , Sudan

(age between 0.125 Ma and 0.01 Ma based on Late Pleistocene based on fauna. Very imprecise.)
~105,000 years old          
Locality: Eliye Springs, West Turkana, Kenya, Kenya

(age between 0.2 Ma and 0.01 Ma based on unclear based on morphology of cranium.)
~395,000 years old          
Locality: Jebel Barakah, coastline between Jebel Dhannah and the Qatar peninsula, Abu Dhabi

(age between 0.780 Ma and 0.010 Ma based on stratigraphic position and geomorphology)
~750,000 years old          
Locality: Mount Pua (Mt. Pua), Central Dishon Valley, Upper Galilee, Israel

(age between 1.5 Ma and 0 Ma based on nothing)
~750,050 years old          
Locality: Attirampakkam, Tamil Nadu, India

(age between 1.5 Ma and 0.0001 Ma based on archaeology)

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