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~40,000 years old          
Locality: Mungo, Lake Mungo, Australia

(age between 0.042 Ma and 0.038 Ma based on )
~45,000 years old          
Locality: Kebara, Mount Carmel, Israel

(age between 0.049 Ma and 0.041 Ma based on Radiocarbon)
~55,000 years old          
Locality: Abric Romani Mousterian, Capellades, Spain

(age between 0.070 Ma and 0.040 Ma based on U/Th)
~60,000 years old          
Locality: Amud, Wadi Amud, Hokuk, near Sea of Galili, Israel

(age between 0.07 Ma and 0.05 Ma based on TL)
~62,500 years old          
Locality: Klasies River Mouth HP deposits, HP deposits, South Africa

(age between 0.065 Ma and 0.06 Ma based on ESR, TL, ESL)
~66,250 years old          
Locality: Huanglong Cave, Hubei Province, China

(age between 0.105 Ma and 0.0275 Ma based on ESR, U-Series)
~82,000 years old          
Locality: Blombos M2 level, M2 level, South Africa

(age between 0.09 Ma and 0.074 Ma based on Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL))
~110,000 years old          
Locality: Scladina, Grotte Scladina, Parc National de Furfooz, Meuse Basin, Belgium

(age between 0.160 Ma and 0.060 Ma based on 230Th/U data correlated to the marine oxygen isotopic record and magnetic susceptibility (MS) )
~115,000 years old          
Locality: Saccopastore, vallĂ©e de l'Anienne (northeast Rome), Italy

(age between 0.13 Ma and 0.1 Ma based on Marine Oxegen Isotope Stage (OIS) correlation)
~118,000 years old          
Locality: Sodmein Cave, Red Sea Mountains, Egypt

(age between 0.127 Ma and 0.109 Ma based on Thermoluminescence dating of burned artifacts)
~142,000 years old          
Locality: Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay, South Africa

(age between 0.164 Ma and 0.120 Ma based on OSL)
~182,000 years old          
Locality: Kalambo Falls Acheulean units, Acheulean units, Zambia, Tanzania

(age between 0.198 Ma and 0.166 Ma based on U-series)
~218,500 years old          
Locality: Jinniushan, Danshishan, Liaoning, China

(age between 0.237 Ma and 0.200 Ma based on Uranium-series and electron spin resonance)
~254,000 years old          
Locality: Florisbad, near Soutpan, South Africa

(age between 0.294 Ma and 0.214 Ma based on ESR on tooth in deposit (is it the same age as the cranium?))
~291,000 years old          
Locality: Qesem Cave, RoshHa'ayin, near Tel Aviv, Israel

(age between 0.382 Ma and 0.2 Ma based on U series)
~425,000 years old          
Locality: Hoxne, Hoxne Interglacial Type Site, Suffolk, England, Great Britain

(age between 0.5 Ma and 0.35 Ma based on ESR, U-series)
~425,000 years old          
Locality: Beeches Pit , Thetford Forest, Suffolk, England, Great Britain

(age between 0.45 Ma and 0.4 Ma based on Stratigraphic correlation to OIS 11 and OIS 12; Thermoluminescence; Uranium series)
~453,000 years old          
Locality: Zuttiyeh Cave, Wadi Amud, Hokuk , Israel

(age between 0.78 Ma and 0.126 Ma based on unspecified)
~545,000 years old          
Locality: Ndutu, (Naisiusiu) Olduvai, Tanzania

(age between 0.6 Ma and 0.49 Ma based on Broad bracket from units at Olduvai, correlation with Ngaloba beds (Laetoli) suggest age of about 130k)
~700,000 years old          
Locality: Gesher Benot Yaakov, Dead Sea Rift, Israel

(age between 0.8 Ma and 0.6 Ma based on paleomagnetism, biochronology)
~770,000 years old          
Locality: Zhoukoudian Locality 15, Zhoukoudian, China

(age between 0.85 Ma and 0.69 Ma based on 26Al/10Be burial dating)
~830,000 years old          
Locality: Swartkrans Member 3, Swartkrans, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

(age between 1.04 Ma and 0.62 Ma based on U-Pb on teeth)
~1,075,000 years old          
Locality: Gadeb, southeast rift margin, Upper Webi Shebele Basin , Ethiopia

(age between 1.45 Ma and 0.7 Ma based on Potassium-Argon)
~1,100,000 years old          
Locality: Yuanmou, Shangnabang, China

(age between 1.7 Ma and 0.5 Ma based on Biochronology and paleomagnetism)
~1,370,000 years old          
Locality: Wonderwerk Cave; Major Unit 9 (Exc. 1 12a-c), Kuruman Hills, situated between Danielskuil and Kuruman in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa

(age between 1.96 Ma and 0.78 Ma based on Paleomag and Al-Be radiometric dating)
~1,710,000 years old          
Locality: Chesowanja, Chemoigut Formation, Lake Baringo Area, Kenya

(age between 2 Ma and 1.42 Ma based on K-Ar)

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