Neanderthals and others in the Middle Pleistocene

Advanced genus Homo is found in western Eurasia starting by about 500,000 years ago or earlier, later in eastern Eurasia. In the western part of Eurasia this group starts to become distinctly Neanderthal-like by about 200,000 years ago. Neanderthals, who use advanced tools and make fire, will exists in western Eurasia until the arrival of our species, Homo sapiens.

In the eastern part of Eurasia there is no discernable single group like you see in the west with Neanderthals. Middle Pleistocene hominids from easrtern Eurasia are highly variable, often looking like advanced variations of Homo erectus.

Homo Neanderthalensis

Age: ~200,000-25,000 years ago

PlaceWestern Eurasia

Cranial Capacity ~1,400-1,700

NotesNeandethals have slightly larger brains than humans, and range from central Eurasia to Europe

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