INSTRUCTIONS: Set maximum and minimum ages using the text boxes or the slide bars at the top of the map page. Type the higher value in the left text entry box for a strict search or in the right text entry box or with the black slider for an inclusive search.

You may also use the sliders, which is often easier. See guide below.

Tip of pointer is on location. See color key in the diagram to the right of the map. *Safari bug displays pointers with white borders. Switch to another browser to avoid this.

Detailed instructions:

Instructions for sldiers: Use the sliders to search for sites by age range.

If the white box is to the left of the black box,
white left
the search is inclusive, and any sites that have asserted age ranges that overlap the range you select will be displayed.


If the black box is to the left of the white box
black left
the search will be strict, and only sites with age ranges that fall entirely within the selected range will be displayed.